25+ Best Apps for Couples in 2024

by Ajay Shah · Updated on June 7, 2024

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Do you want to close the gap and enhance communication with your partner while creating unforgettable memories? Look no further! Explore the 25+ most apps designed for couples the 25+ best ones on the market. The apps provide all the possible options ranging from messaging and shared calendars to romantic date ideas and relationship counseling that will help you in the enhancement of your relationship journey. Regardless of the situation, whether you are in a long-distance relationship, newlyweds, or celebrating decades of togetherness, these apps will change how you connect and interact with your significant other. Welcome to the dawn of a new era of love and partnership in the couples apps that are among the best in the market!

Advantages of Relationship Apps for Couples

Improved Communication

Relationship apps come with several facilities such as messaging, voice calls, and video chats, which enable the partners to maintain constant and vital communication all the time, no matter how far they are from each other.

Shared Calendar and Schedules

These apps usually have the features of the shared calendars and the scheduling which the couples find very helpful in coordination of their busy lives, planning activities, and staying organized together.

Enhanced Intimacy

The majority of the relationship apps offer the options that are supposed to improve the intimacy, for example, shared journals, love notes, and mood tracking, that in turn makes the emotional closeness and connection.

Relationship Goal Setting

Couples can achieve and monitor their goals jointly using these apps, whether they are connected to personal development, finance, or mutual experiences, which will boost their support and responsibility.

Virtual Date Nights

The apps of the relationships are providing the creative ways for couples to have the virtual date nights, which include watching movies together, playing games, or cooking the same recipe at the same time to keep the romance in the couple even if they are far from each other.


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Conflict Resolution Tools

Some apps comprise functions for solving conflicts peacefully, for example calm communication exercises, relationship quizzes, and professional counseling resources which, in turn, enables couples to tackle the problems proficiently.

Memory Preservation

The relationship apps have a long list of features that include shared photo albums and memory journals. These features help couples to create a digital archive of their relationship journey and also to document and preserve the special moments and milestones in it.

Strengthened Trust and Transparency

Relationship apps create the conditions of openness and trust by enabling the couples to exchange the location, access the partner’s schedule and set the boundaries together, hence, they become the source of secure and mutual understanding between them.

Top 8 Couples Apps in 2024


This app is a couples’ private area where they can talk, share pictures, make to-do lists and plan dates. Moreover, it has a thumbkiss function that vibrates when both partners touch the same spot on their phone screens at the same time, playing a game and also a so-called intimate element in communication.


Between is a texting service that supports couples to chat, to share photos and videos and to keep their memories. It provides the functionalities like shared calendars for arranging the dates and events, on the other hand, it also offers the personalized message board, chat backgrounds and stickers to make the conversations more life-like.


Raft concentrates on the enhancement of the communication and intimacy in couples by means of the services that are offered such as the shared lists, love quizzes, and the daily reflections. It also provides carefully designed activities and challenges that help to strengthen the relationships and promote the connection.

Gottman Card Decks

Relationship specialists who created it, this app is a repository of card decks that come with guidance and exercises to enhance communication, intimacy, and empathy between partners. It encompasses issues like love maps, appreciation, and conflict resolution, which are the topics that the Gottman Institute has research on.


Kindu is a tool to initiate the discussions and motivate the experimentation with your partner. It has a large selection of romantic and adventurous ideas, along with a private message feature to talk about preferences and interests. The application is designed to improve intimacy and to beef up the couple’s relationship.


Avocado is a complete couples app where couples can message, share lists, calendars and photos. As well as it is the one that has some other features like shared sketches and thumbkiss, which are the ones that one can use like Couple that helps to make your communication with your partner more fun and personal.

Happy Couple

Happy Couple is an app that operates like a quiz and makes couples answer the questions that are about each other’s liking, habits and values. This is how you can find out your partner’s life style and thoughts so that you can have meaningful conversations to have a stronger relationship.


Staying is a matching app that provides couples with therapy exercises and resources which are specifically designed depending on their strengths and areas for improvement. The course deals with such topics like communication, conflict resolution and emotional connection, which helps the students to acquire the tools to develop a healthy and a better relationship.

Key Features of the 5 Leading Couples Apps


  • Video Calling: BISTRI has interactive video calling facilities that enable couples to communicate with each other directly and share the special moments at the time.
  • Messaging: The app gives the messaging feature for the personal and direct communication between couples, boosting the intimacy and connection.
  • Shared Calendar: The BISTRI system has a shared calendar feature, through which couples can make plans, arrange activities, and keep a tight schedule so that both can stay in sync with each other.


  • Location Sharing: The PathShare system enables couples to share their real-time locations with each other which in turn, ensures safety and makes coordination of meetings easier when they together.
  • ETA Sharing: The app gives the estimated time of arrival (ETA) sharing which helps the partners to know when to come and the long-distance couples to have a set time for them to come.
  • Location History: PathShare gives a location history feature, which allows couples to keep the records of places they have been to and the activities they have done, thus, they will be more confident and more trust in the relationship will be built.


  • Relationship Quizzes: iPassion offers a variety of fun and insightful quizzes designed to deepen understanding and connection between partners, helping couples discover each other’s desires and preferences.
  • Compatibility Analysis: The app provides compatibility analysis based on quiz results, offering personalized insights and suggestions to strengthen the relationship.
  • Intimacy Tracker: iPassion includes an intimacy tracker feature, allowing couples to monitor and improve their physical and emotional intimacy over time.



  • Online Therapy: BetterHelp connects couples with licensed therapists for online therapy sessions, offering support and guidance to address relationship issues and improve communication.
  • Text, Phone, and Video Sessions: The app offers multiple communication options, including text-based messaging, phone calls, and video sessions, providing flexibility and convenience for couples.
  • Personalized Counseling: BetterHelp provides personalized counseling tailored to the specific needs and goals of each couple, ensuring effective and meaningful support.


  • Emotional Check-Ins: WeFeel is a tool that gives couples a way to be with each other emotionally, it helps them to understand and feel the emotions of the others, thus it creates empathy, understanding and emotional bond.
  • Mood Tracking: Through the app, partners can track their mood, which in turn, helps them to be able to communicate more clearly with each other and to have a better time together.
  • Emotional Support Resources: We feel is the tool that delivers to couples the resources and tools that they can use to manage emotions and cope with stress, so that they can support each other in the difficult times.


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Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships with Apps

Distant relationships are difficult, but the advancement of technology can bridge the gap and the couples can be together even when they are far away. Here are some ways apps can assist in maintaining long-distance relationships:Here are some ways apps can assist in maintaining long-distance relationships:

Video Calling

Apps such as Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime make it possible for couples to talk to each other face to face even if they are in different places. The video calls are more personal and intimate than the texting or phone calls as they provide a more in-person communication.

Messaging Apps

Social media applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger let couples to communicate messages, photos, and videos from one to another in real time. These apps are designed to have the communication of the couples with the help of the real-time which is why they feel connected throughout the day.

Shared CalendarThrough the use of apps which have the shared calendar feature such as Google Calendar or Cozi, couples can keep their schedules in order, plan for the virtual dates and stay organized despite being in different time zones.

Couple Apps


Apps such as Couple or Between constitute as the well-designed couple apps that offer the partners a private space to share photos, create a list, and even play interactive games together. These apps are designed for couples, thus, providing features which fit their requirements.

Virtual Date Nights

Apps like Netflix Party, Rave, or Let’s Gaze help couples to watch movies or TV shows in real time, even if they are in different places. Besides, they can use websites like Tabletopia or Board Game Arena where they can play multiplayer games online.

Online Activities

Participating in, together, in online activities that let one couples cook the same recipes while video chatting, take online classes or play multiplayer video games, they will create shared experiences and the connection between the couple will be strengthened.

Surprise Gifts

The use of apps such as Amazon or Etsy to send away the surprise packages or the gifts to yourself or your friends may be a good option to express your love or your gift from a distance. Some apps also give virtual gift cards or subscriptions to online classes or streaming services, which you can use later.


Besides, in cases where couples need extra help, they can try to use the counseling apps like Talkspace or BetterHelp which offer online therapy sessions with the professionals that are specialists in relationship problems.

Couples Counseling Apps

Through the use of these apps and technologies, couples can connect across the distance and further strengthen their relationship even when they are far apart. The factors that will be useful for one to keep the relationship strong through the efforts of effective communication, common experiences, and subtle gestures are the intimacy and the closeness in the relationship between the partners, hence the relationship will be stronger in the long-distance affairs.

Top 5 Couple Apps for Android Users


WeSync is an app that completely facilitates the couples’ life by allowing them to share calendars, to-do lists, and shopping lists. Aside from the “Privacy Mode” which allows users to group their photos and videos safely, the app also has a feature called “We Moments” for privately sharing photos and videos, together with a chat for communication.


Pair is an app that is from the beginning made for couples. It provides the features which include thumbkiss, shared lists and calendars, and the possibility to draw together in real-time. Besides its main functionality, it also offers the “Moments” feature for sharing photos and videos.


Duet, a couple app, is designed to enhance communication and intimacy. It provides a secure message, shared calendars, and the possibility of sending virtual kisses and hugs. Besides, it also serves as a daily conversation beginning to keep the conversation going.

Love Nudge

Love Nudge, the sophisticated application is built upon the foundations of the renowned “The 5 Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman. It is a tool that teaches couples to understand the love languages of their partners and provides them with individualized advice on how to communicate their love in a meaningful way.


The Honeydue is a finance app aiming to help couples deal with their finances in a collective manner. It is possible for the couples to check the joint expenses, set the budgets, and also pay the bills from the app itself. Besides, it has the capability of messaging the users in order to discuss the financial matters.

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These apps help the couples in various ways, from communication to intimacy, or from finance to organization, they provide the tools to the couples to strengthen their relationship and live together.

Seeking Relationship Counseling with iPhone Apps

Convenience and Accessibility

The iPhone applications for relationship counseling are really convenient, as they allow users to get counseling services anytime, anywhere directly from their smartphones. Thus, the requirement of in-person appointments is removed and counseling resources are then accessible to anyone, no matter where they are and what time of the day or night they are working.

Privacy and Confidentiality

These apps put the privacy and the confidentiality first and that is why they are the ones that the users can always talk to the licensed therapists and counselors via the app’s platform and be sure that everything will be done safely and in the right way. Thus, through the use of encrypted messaging, video, or voice calls, users can share what they really think and feel with the confidence that their information is secure.

Diverse Communication Options

People are free to decide which communication method they want to use according to their liking and the level of comfort they feel. Through the use of text-based messaging, phone calls, or video sessions, these apps are able to cater to each person’s needs and assure that the people can be involved with counseling services in the way that they prefer.

Personalized Therapy Sessions

One of the main advantages of such applications is the fact that they can offer personalized therapy sessions which are specifically designed for particular relationship needs and preferences. Licensed therapists and counselors give individualized advice and support, which users can use to their advantage, as they go through the ups and downs of the relationships.

Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness

Most of the iPhone apps for relationship counseling have affordable subscriptions or the option of pay-per-session, so counseling services are more reachable by a wider group of people. Thus, this affordability will allow the users to get the required assistance without having to pay anywhere near the price.

Specialization in Couples Counseling

Some apps are designed for couples counseling, thus giving them the tools and the services to solve the problems of relationships and to help the partners on the communication. These apps are the resources of a secure and friendly atmosphere for couples to discover their emotions, mediate the conflicts and solidify their relationship.

Comprehensive Tools and Resources

Besides the counseling sessions, these apps offer a variety of tools and resources to be used by the users to help them in their journey of the relationship. The users can have the access to a lot of good informations to enhance their personal growth and to also have a better relationship with their partners, by doing the self-help articles and the interactive exercises or by seeking the experts advice and the relationship assessment.

Feedback and Insights

The users can take advantage of the feedback and the expert opinion from the couchers and psychologists within the app. By means of direct talk or interactive features like quizzes and assessments, users acquire better understanding and view on their relationship devices and thus they can make informed choices and changes that would be beneficial to them.

Continuity of Care

Through the iPhone apps for relationship counseling, users can keep in touch with their therapists even when they are on vacation or unable to make the appointments in person. This smooth transition guarantees that the users can get counseling services at any time they need it, hence making the therapeutic relationship more consistent and continuous.

Empowerment and Growth

In the end, these apps give users the opportunity to regulate their relationship journey and thus, to improve their emotional health. Phone apps for relationship counseling, that are easily accessible, cost-effective, and personalized give users the opportunity to defeat challenges, build healthy relationships, and thus, attain higher levels of satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives.

Enhancing Marriage with 7 Premier Couples Apps

The couples apps designed by the best couples are the contemporary and efficient means of the marriage enhancement. Here are seven premier couples apps, including those you mentioned, that can elevate your marriage:Here are seven premier couples apps, including those you mentioned, that can elevate your marriage:


Goodbudget enables couples to cope with their finances together, thus, fostering the confidence and cooperation in the financial issues. Through the tracking of shared expenses, the setting of budgets, and the payment of bills, couples can actively work towards their financial goals and ease the stress in their relationship.


Couples can, by receiving the paired offers, build their relationship through the relationship-building exercises and communication tools which in turn allows them to deepen their connection and understanding of each other. Through the use of common journals and supervised conversations, couples can deepen their emotional bond and thus, create a strong base for their marriage.


Agape carries the task of the personalized relationship coaching and therapy sessions for each couple and it is based on the individual needs of every couple. Through the help of the professionals and the support of the spouse, the couples can overcome the difficulties, communicate better, and the passion and the love are rediscovered in the marriage.

Evergreen Relationship Growth

Evergreen Relationship Growth offers the sources and tools to assist the couples to develop their relationship and to make the relationship and the personal growth. The interactive exercises and professional guidance that is provided to the couples are the key to the good relationship that they can build and in the end, the marriage will be long-lasting and meaningful.

Official The Relationship App

The Official Relationship App is a combination of useful features that will assist couples in effective communication, planning, and developing together. From common calendars and to-do lists to individualized advice and counseling sessions, couples can boost their marriage and tackle the problems in a confident way.


Couplete is the messaging, shared calendars, and the ability to share photos and videos, all of which, in turn, helps to get the partners closer and better to communicate with each other. The “Days Count” feature enables couples to count the days until the special events, thus the celebration of the milestones and creation of the memories could be the way for the couples to share the special moments together.


The firm of ReGain concentrates on internet couples therapy; thus, it provides the clients with private and easy sessions with the licensed therapists. The usage of messaging, chat, or video calls allows couples to solve relationship problems, enhance communication and thus, develop a stronger connection, which leads to a more happy and satisfying marriage.


Through the use of these leading couples apps, a couple can be ahead of its time and for that reason use it to improve and develop the relationship.

Estimating the Cost of Developing a Couples App

Estimating the expenditure of the development of a couples app can differ greatly according to many factors, for instance, the complexity of the features, the platform (iOS, Android, or both), the design requirements, the development time, and the location and hourly rate of the development team. Here’s a breakdown of the key factors to consider when estimating the cost:This is a list of the important aspects that you should take into account when you are calculating the budget.


The cost of designing a couples app will be almost all the time based on the features you want to include in it. The uncomplicated features such as the messaging, shared calendars, and photo sharing will be cheaper to develop than the more sophisticated features like relationship assessments, therapy sessions, or integration with external services.


Turning the creation of a couples app into a single platform (iOS or Android) will in most cases, be cheaper than the development of the app for both platforms. But, if you like to make your project accessible to a larger number of people, it is usually advised to build for both iOS and Android.


The design of the app is the most important factor in the expense. A simple and minimal design will be less costly compared to a customized and visually rich design. Besides, if you ask for the illustrations or animations to be customized, this will be an extra expense.

Development Time

The period of the app development will be determined by its complexity and the number of its functions. In the case of more complicated apps, it is obvious that they will take a longer time to develop, which means that the development costs will be high.

Development Team

The hourly rate of the development team is one of the most significant factors in calculating the cost. Rates can change a lot depending on the place of the developers (e. g. , the location of the develop team). g. It makes the developers rely on their skills in different fields of study and the users to specify the skills needed and the environment in which the system will be used (USA, Europe, Asia) as well as the level of expertise and experience of the developers.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and quality assurance are the main phases in the app development which are responsible for the correct working of an app and the absence of bugs and errors. The spending on testing and QA will be influenced by the difficulty of the app and the extent of testing that needs to be done.

Maintenance and Updates

The budget for the ongoing maintenance and upgrades should be made so that the app can function smoothly and be operating on the latest operating system versions and device specifications.


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To get a more accurate estimation of the cost of the app development for a couples app, it is recommended to talk to the app development companies or freelancers and give them a project brief that will contain your requirements and the expectations you have from the project. Only after the specific facts are given to them that they can provide you a more exact cost estimate according to your particular necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best apps for communication between couples?

Answer: Apps like Couple, Between, and Raft provide communication, shared calendars, and photo sharing features which are necessary to facilitate the relationship between couples.

Are there any apps specifically designed for long-distance couples?

Indeed, apps such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Duo have the video calling feature that is very important for the couples who are far away and want to share special moments in real-time.

Which apps help couples manage finances together?

Apps like Goodbudget and Honeydue help couples to keep a tab on their common expenses, set the budgets and thus, work on the financial planning of the couple, making it transparent and united in all the financial matters.

Are there any marriage therapy apps?

Certainly, apps like ReGain and Lasting offer the personalized therapy sessions and relationship coaching from licensed professionals to couples, thereby, they can solve the problems and also strengthen their bond.

Are there apps for planning and organizing dates or special occasions?

Indeed, apps such as Avocado and Simply Us allow couples to share calendars and lists, thus making it a simple task for the couples to arrange dates, celebrate anniversaries and plan special events together.

25+ Best Apps for Couples in 2024
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