10 Best Free Workout Apps in 2024

by Bharat Arora · Updated on May 23, 2024

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Explore the world of wellness through the best 10 free workout apps in 2025, perfect for anyone aiming to touch new highs in their fitness journey. No matter whether you are sweating up a storm in the gym or just beginning a fitness journey at home, these apps have all the workout crowd-pleasing movements, coaching expertise, and personal training plans you need at your fingertips. Whether you are looking to torch calories in a rapid cardio session, immerse yourself in the calm of an alignment yogi flow, or chisel muscle in a challenging bodyweight-only routine, these apps will provide the resources you need to get your body moving toward better health and well-being, all at no cost to you. Good work if you come to visit us, to achieve your fitness goals and reveal your full potential!

10 Best Workout Apps


Apart from that, Fitify has workout plans which are customizable based on people’s fitness and different activities for the ease of mobility of the users that can be done anytime, anywhere.


  • Customized workout plans
  • Diverse exercise library
  • Offline access to workouts
  • Progress tracking
  • Integration with wearables


  • Limited free content
  • Some exercises require equipment
  • The interface may be not so suitable for novice users.


  • Workout Generator
  • Video tutorials
  • Community support
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Goal setting

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club is ready to service you with a huge library of personalized workout plans, developed by professional trainers placing the variety of your fitness lifestyle, interests, and time constraints as the topmost priority.


  • High-quality workouts
  • Expert guidance
  • Adaptive training plans
  • Integration with Nike gear


  • Top-level subscription needs to pay for the further analysis.
  • Limited workout customization
  • Occasional syncing issues



  • Workout collections
  • Audio-guided runs
  • Progress tracking
  • Challenges In-app community


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MyFitnessPal offers a complete package comprising of such functionalities as diet tracking, physical activities control, and general health maintenance that help you trim down, manage nutrition, and accomplish fitness goals.


  • Extensive food database
  • An equipment barcode scanner that scans them quickly into our system.
  • Calorie and macronutrient tracking
  • Exercise diary
  • Community support


  • Ads that are running on the free variant will also be in the paid model.
  • Premium features are pricey
  • Fitbit-like devices at times fail to establish the sync.


  • Meal planning
  • Recipe importer
  • Water tracking
  • Restaurant logging
  • Nutrient analysis



Sworkit provides a set of tailor-made workouts covering a wide range of these activities including flexibility, calisthenics, aerobics, and strength training, that are suitable for everyone regardless of their fitness level or busy schedule.


  • For some exercises nothing is need like jumping, sitting, burpee etc.
  • Customizable workout plans
  • Guided video workouts
  • Progress tracking
  • Offline access


  • Limited free content
  • There might be other training activities that may not have the same intensive guidance.
  • Interface can be clunky



  • Workout playlist integration
  • Interval timer
  • Workout challenges
  • Workout of the day
  • Customizable exercise library


Personalized workout regimens and diet recommendations to match every single user’s desires and goals are provided by 8fit. That way people have an option for a flexible and moderate method of self-improvement.


  • Specially developed training and food plans.
  • Quick and effective workouts
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Shopping list feature
  • Integration with wearables


  • Limited free content
  • Subscription for premium model required for total access.
  • Meal plans tend to get monotonous leaving no scope for sudden cravings.


  • Goal tracking
  • Progress photos
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Community support
  • In-app challenges:


Daily Burn

Daily Burn offers a wide variety of streaming workout videos led by expert trainers, catering to different fitness levels and interests, ensuring users stay engaged and motivated.


  • Extensive library of workout videos
  • New workouts added regularly
  • Live workout sessions
  • Personalized workout recommendations
  • Progress tracking


  • Requires a subscription for full access
  • Internet connection needed for streaming
  • The interface can be overwhelming for beginners


  • Workout challenges
  • Community forums
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Workout scheduler
  • Offline workout downloads

Fitbit Coach

Fitbit Coach programs are customized by tracking feedback from users and predefined preferences allowing both audio and video coaching, therefore, your workouts will become effective and easy to follow.


  • Personalized workout plans
  • Adaptive coaching
  • Integration with Fitbit devices
  • Offline access to workouts
  • Progress tracking


  • Requirement for paid subscription to obtain full version.
  • Sometimes free version of the application does not provide enough options for workouts practice.
  • Some clients may deem the exercises too routine and lengthy.


  • Dynamic workouts
  • Customizable exercise routines
  • Audio cues during workouts
  • Community challenges
  • Goal setting and tracking


JEFIT is a holistic strength training app that is designed with customizable workout plans, detailed instructions of the exercises, and tracking feature that are suitable for all levels of avid weight lifters, including begineers to advance weight lifters.


  • Extensive exercise database
  • Customizable workout routines
  • Trackable progress metrics
  • Workout logging and history
  • Community support


  • Interface can be overwhelming for new users
  • Free version includes ads
  • Some advanced features require a premium subscription


  • Rest timer
  • Exercise video demonstrations
  • One-rep max calculator
  • Body stat tracking
  • Workout analytics


By providing é workout tracking if you go for a run, on a bike or just have a walk and map for any route, analysis performance and workout plans, MapMyFitness is a comprehensive app.


  • GPS tracking for outdoor activities
  • Customizable training plans
  • Route mapping and elevation tracking
  • Community challenges and events
  • Integration with wearables


  • Premium features are subscription-based
  • Some features may drain battery quickly
  • Occasionally inaccurate GPS tracking


  • Workout sharing
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Gear tracker
  • Audio coaching
  • Workout history and stats

StrongLifts 5×5

With 5×5 as its core, StrongLifts strength training app is based on one of the most straightforward compound lifting programs available, with heavy emphasis on the major muscles such as chest, shoulders, back, legs, among others, in order to help you get a lean and powerful physique effectively.


  • Simple and effective workout program
  • Focuses on compound lifts
  • Easy-to-follow workout instructions
  • Progress tracking for each exercise
  • Built-in rest timer


  • Limited exercise variety
  • Requires gym equipment
  • Not suitable for advanced lifters


  • Warm-up sets calculator
  • Plate calculator
  • Progress graphs
  • Rest timer customization
  • Workout history backup


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How to Choose the Best Workout App for You

Define Your Goals

Give yourself a sufficient amount of time to jot down your goals very precisely. Your aims might be weight loss, sharpening of muscle mass or improving your poses, flexibility, or physical fitness. Knowing where you are trying to go will be the guide to choosing the right mobile app for you.

Consider Your Fitness Level

Give your attention to where you stand now on your journey for fitness. Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner, an intermediate cutter or already on top of your game, the most crucial thing is to select the app that matches you with suitable workout scenarios and challenges on your level. Opt for courses which have higher stage of complexity and specialty as you proceed in order to ensure your progression is continuous and fruitful.

Assess Available Features

You can check features of the various workout apps to help you in choosing the best one for your needs. Anti-search for functionals that helps in your training experience, are remarkable examples, such as personalized workout plans designed according to your goals and preferences; comprehensive video tutorials about proper form and technique; robust progress tracking tools to track your achievements, and in turn, seamless data collect and analysis using wearable devices.

Evaluate Workout Variety

If you are looking for workout apps with a wide range of different exercises and regimens so that your fitness routines will remain fun, fresh, and efficient, you should reach out to the app developers. Apps offer from cardio and strength-training classes to yoga and HIIT training sessions, so that you can find the app with a variety of workout to meet your diverse interests and training objectives.

Check User Reviews

Dive into the reviews and testimonials of users to get a feeling of what they have to say about the app considering that they have used it in their daily life. Listen keenly to the information that is regarding the goals that you have, what you like or dislike and what prevents you from achieving your objectives at hand. Patterns in reviews can give you insights about the app’s effectiveness, ease of use, great support service, and enjoyable experiences.

Consider Accessibility

To help the app appeal to a broader audience, consider the integration of the app into the users’ lifestyle, lifestyle, and fitness routine. While you may favor home-based workouts, going to the gym, or exercising outdoors, your app should be designed to suit your needs regarding flexibility and adaptability. Find out if they have downloadable offline mode, multi-device, syncing, and portability are also available. The question of concern is whether they fit your device or not.

Test Free Trials

Use up no charge trials or demos apps who targets working out your for to see their features and function before. This is your chance to review the app’s informational components, simplicity, and the match between your fitness level/preferences and the subscription before you subscribe. Test a variety of workouts appearances, challenges and features in order to figure out whether the app suits you or not.

Factor in Budget

Take into account you are allocate budget for the purposes of fitness apps and considering their cost, calculate if the value obtained from the subscription plan is greater than the cost of this plan. Weigh the price points variation among the packages and ensure that the extra features or superior content are present for every tier. Find out the amount of investment you’re ready to make in your fitness trip and choose an app that offers you the best option of affordability and usability among all available options which fits all your specific needs.


Seek Personalization

Besides this, you may want to try apps that give great emphasis to the creation of personal and unique exercises based on how far you have gone, what you like, and what you find most effective. Identify apps that individually prescribe for you regarding your fitness level, exercise history, and other objectives. Plan pathways that carry your interest, compel you to follow through and definitely go the right way of achieving your fitness goals.

Trust Your Instincts

But, at the end of the day, listen to your gut and go by your overall sense about the particular workout app you’re going to use. For the selection of a fitness app that would speak to you on a personal level and match your goals and principles, choose among other apps. Trust your vibes, take in everything and choose the app that seems to be most suitable for the exact needs, likes, and rhythm of your life. Thus, when you are using an application that shoves you and empower to be on a fitness journey, you are almost guaranteed to follow this path and remain committed.

Benefits of Free Workout Apps

There are several benefits to using free workout apps, including:


Workout apps, which are downwardly mobile, allow everyone to gain access to the fitness centers even if the budget maybe is small. They make it smooth and cheap to buy a variety of workout plans and resourcing without any use of expensive gym memberships or personal trainers so one should just go online and subscribe.


Virtually all free work-out apps offer a large number of different workouts ranging from beginner to expert classes, so even a person who has not been previously focused on keeping fit can find a suitable exercise routine. Users are presented with a variety of diverse choices ranging from the likes of yoga, HIIT or strength training, and cardio; this is employed to help them find an activity best suited for their interests and needs.


With free workout apps mobile users can exercise anywhere anytime either at parks or on the road without a single penny or any money. Such apps obviate the necessity to travel to a gym or enroll with a commonly time-fixed, take-part class, which thus gives freedom and flexibility to a hectic lifestyle.

Motivation and Accountability

A number of weekly gratis wellness applications include characteristics like intensity record, workout reminder and community backing to ensure users never cease to be encouraged and responsible. The capability of looking into their progress and linking it with people seeking the same thing helps them to stay on track and regularly do workout.

Education and Guidance

Often free workout apps come with videos, run-through’s, and fitness tips that can show people how to perform the movement with the right form and proper technique. Such mediums enrich users’ art of physical fitness and serve knowledge thereby developing informed choices at health.


Mobile fitness apps as a rule offer customization in terms of type and duration of workout, its intensity, and its frequency. There are several workouts to choose from and users can work out anytime throughout the day by considering their energy level to which they can fix the routine in their daily life.

No Commitment

Once you have a free workout app that isn’t financially involved and doesn’t prefer a membership fee, you can simply experiment with different apps and programs and can do that without any mentality of obligation. They have the advantage of scrolling through different choices as they aim to download the app best for them is their taste and preference.


In summary, free app for exercise are time-saving and can be accessed easily. They are also able to be customized to suit the workout needs and schedules of different individuals, thereby making it less difficult for people to prioritize their health.

Methodology for Testing Free Workout Apps

Our methodology for testing free workout apps involved several key steps to ensure comprehensive evaluation and comparison. Here’s an overview of our testing process:


We started by exploring the integration platform, where we sought to understand which platforms are supported such as iOS, Android and the web based applications.

Selection Criteria

We developed the criteria for choosing the applications that would be part of our assessment according to the below criteria that consider user ratings, popularity, features provided, variety of exercises, user reviews and the app developer’s reputation.

App Installation

We searched for desired workout apps in the official online stores of these platforms and downloaded each of those to the smartphones, tablets and computers. The purpose was to test compatibility, installation difficulty and the ease of use on multiple platforms.

User Experience Testing

We involved our team of testers, dedicating each app to one member in terms of testing, features, and usability. In the app assessment process we evaluated the user interface, navigation path, intuitive and user friendly nature of each app to determine the interactivity and the ease with which the end user can operate them.

Workout Variety and Quality

We examined the different kinds of workouts the apps offer on top of their cardio, strength, and yoga sessions, from HIIT to other types of sessions. We have thought about the different kinds of exercises, workout session timelines, levels of difficulty and the direction of the intructor could be adjusted to offer the two groups of the users with different fitness targets and preferences something suitable.

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Customization Options

Among the apps assessed, we established the degree of customizability which could be attained, including the ability to create own workout plans, develop exercise intensity, modify workout routines, and track the progress overtime. In addition to this, we looked at whether the apps provide such possibilities so as they could allow their users who have peculiar fitness specifications or limitations.

Features and Tools

We went over and beyond the stage of just looking at the numerical and aesthetical aspects of these applications. Features like tracking workouts, monitoring progress, setting goals, community support, nutrition advice, and devices integration were considered. We measured the contribution of these characteristics to the better and purposeful fitness experience, and if these features helped users to achieve to their fitness goals.

Performance and Stability

We ensured the correct working and stability of each app in different network configurations such as device configuration and typical usage scenarios by testing on all possible usage cases. By way of examining dimensions like app attentiveness, loading times, continuity and unfailing operations we have an assurance for workouts that are seamless and uninterrupted.

User Feedback Analysis

Application reviews and user feedback were collected from app stores, social networks, app forums and other sources in order to develop a clear understanding of the in-field experience of the users. We managed both positive and negative feedback to improve dramatically the assesment of each application’s strengths and flaws.

Final Evaluation

We identified the best free workout apps through our testing, analytical evaluation and ranged according to their total performance, features, usability, workout options, customization options, user feedback and also other factors. We created detailed reviews and recommendations of the apps to show people how apps could help them in their daily workout routines and thus what they would need in the apps.

What To Look For In Free Workout Apps

When exploring free workout apps, keep an eye out for the following key features and qualities to ensure you find the best option to suit your fitness needs:

Variety of Workouts

Make sure that the app you choose has a broad variety of exercise options dubbed cardio, strength training, yoga, H. I. I. T., Pilates, etc. By offering different types of workouts, you can get away from monotony and use each exercise accordingly to achieve balanced progress throughout the body’s fitness.

Customization Options

Those apps which permit you to design your workout session according to your fitness level, goals and choices are the best apps to choose from. Pick devices that track the time, intensity, and difficulty of your workouts with the possibility of customizing workout plans or classes to convenience of your schedule and personal interests.

User-Friendly Interface

Things that can help you with the selection of apps with friendly and navigable interface should be apps that offer quick access to workouts, they monitor progress, and offers extra features through them. A boasted and user-friendly interface enlivens the full user experience whereas the continuous consistency in your exercise habit becomes easier as a result.

Quality Instruction

Pursue applications hittest quality training and shows, so, you execute exercises by right form and technics. Seek out apps that have done computer-generated or robotic surgeries, for example in a uterus, which may not work as well the first time.

Progress Tracking

Navigate through apps that include tracking the fitness progress overtime, examples of Workout logs, performance metrics, and attention to goals. Tracking your progress or seeing results can actually make you work harder and truck through your journey in terms of your fitness.

Community Support

Conventional apps seeking to give support to the users may contain a community of people ready for encouraging, motivating, and counter checking. Seek out functionality like social sharing, workplace challenges and forums, which facilitate networking with friends who are working towards the same objectives as you and sharing your workout.

Offline Access

Consider using apps that provide the possibility to grab the workouts and listen to them in places where internet access is either limited or inattainable such as while being on a trip. With offline mode the chance to exercise and train without obstruction is provided regardless to whether you are with no connection of Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Integration with Wearables

If you are the user of the fitness tracking devices or smartwatches, then the applications that can flow smoothly with your wearable technology should be preferred. Synchronizing with smart watches and fitness trackers helps you to see real-time work out data, activity measurement and performance stats directly on the device giving a 360 engineering of your health.

Nutrition Guidance

Some workouts apps serve also food guidance and meal plans as a stationary facet to your exercise routine. Installing nutritional-related apps may help you achieve your overall health and fitness goals more easily by providing you with nutrition tips, recipes and calorie counting tools.

Ad-Free Experience

Although a majority of workout apps that are freely accessible feature advertisements, you may want to choose apps that are ad-free or with ad-skipping option paid for a premium subscription offer. If you watch videos without ads then shows and movies can be more relaxing and focus while roaming in a playground.

Cost of Developing Free Workout Apps

Determining the cost of developing a free workout app can vary significantly depending on various factors such as features, complexity, platform, design, and development resources. Here’s a breakdown of the potential costs involved in creating a free workout app:

Initial Planning and Research

In order to follow the correct path during application development it’s necessary to carry out an in-depth study and plan the concept, target audience, features and monetization goals of the app. This stage will likely consist of several studies involving consumers of all kinds, the conducted research being of various degrees of depth and the sum of money being anywhere between a few hundred dollars and thousands of dollars.


Creation of UI/UX significantly contributes to the app performance and success. Design costs may range from those determined by the interestingness of the app and the number of screens to those based on a level of customization. Design costs may vary from $5,000 to $20,000 or more, especially for a distinctive and sophisticated logo.


Development stage encompasses implementation of the app which is ascertained by design and the required functionality. The development costs are determined by the factors like platform (e. g. , iOS, Android, web), the features, the level of complexity and the developer rates. Development costs could be as little as $15,000 and as high as $100000+, with an average hourly rate expectations for developers of another second also being $15 an hour.

Features and Functionality

Features and functionality related cost can change with the volume of the app and complexity. Workout apps have branches of activities that track workouts, have an exercise library, customization options, progress tracking, and social sharing are among their common features as well as integration with wearables. For instance, implementing much more advanced features like AI algorithms, individual recommendations, or real-time coaching requires more work force, manufacturers, and also significantly adds to the development costs.


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Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) and testing significantly influence elimination of bugs as well as making the user’s experience smooth. The prices of testing can be classified as manual testing, automated testing, and also bug fixing and performance optimization. Testing costs, the smallest of which are around $5000 and the largest of which are $20,000 or more, vary depending on the size and complexity of the application.

Deployment and Maintenance

In the next step, the app is built, and it should be uploaded into stores of the dedicated apps. g. By using this data, advertisers can easily track which channels have brought the most website traffic, leading to elevated conversions (Apple App Store, Google Play Store). Submittion fee is a part of deployment expenses, as well as a fee for the app store. Further regular servicing and updates are needed to be sure that the system is working seamlessly and it goes along with the changes of the platform demands and users’ feedback.


Are these apps truly free to use, or do they require in-app purchases?

These apps similar to free items, but they can be capable of upgrading to premium features or content that need to subscribe or make a one time purchase. Make sure that you explore the pricing of each app to see that there are no hidden costs as you look into the relevant features.

Do these apps support beginners, intermediates, and advanced fitness levels?

Absolutely, from the fitness workouts I have come to know broadly, they usually include a variety of routines and workout types meant to cater for all fitness level and ability. Usually, the provided options can be adjusted, the user gets a choice to work with various intensity degrees and level of difficulty which depend on his personal capabilities and motivation.

Can I access these apps on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers?

These apps usually are developed for different operational systems of gadgets from iOS to Android and also run on web platforms. This multiscreen accessibility feature enhances the users’ experience, as they can engage in their workouts regardless of the devices they own, whether at home or outside.

Will these applications customize workouts to individual goals?

Based on the appreciable wide variety of featured apps, the users’ exercise, the goal, and individual choice; the user level in fitness can be meshed by that. Some apps are built with specialized functions such as the monitoring of energy consumption, the setting of goals, and an analysis of performance. The step-by-step workouts and the progress through time so that the app tailors for the user.

Are these apps suitable for specific types of workouts, such as strength training, yoga, or cardio?

Indeed, choose a workout app that will provide you with a variety of workouts that include strength and flexibility training, yoga, cardiovascular exercise, HIIT, Pilates, and others. One can pick from a range of exercises that include aerobics, strength training, and many more. Individuals can use the services to match their interests, tastes, and fitness goals among others

10 Best Free Workout Apps
10 Best Free Workout Apps in 2024
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